Sky On Fire

Getting caught up on the blog, after four days disconnected from the world.

I took this shot a few minutes after sunset on Monday the 12th, for posting on Tuesday. The drama of sunrises and sunsets here Downeast North Kackalacky can be breathtaking. I love this shot for the depth in the clouds produced by the shadows and (very orangey sunsetty) light.

Sometimes a good plan can produce amazing shots, but sometimes you just have to wing it with what you’ve got. I rarely go anywhere without a camera, for just such an occasion.



To repeat the disclaimer, this is a project about re-discovery. It’s about remembering who I am, what I’m about, what I love and what I do not. Fair warning, this project will be posted here rather than at my SFW site because there will be nudity from time to time. Some of it will be of me, some not, some artistic and pretty to look at, some just raw.

I don’t intend to think of something every day and then shoot it, though I may do that sometimes, too. But sometimes I will just shoot, and then find something about myself in the frames and post about that thing, whatever it is.

All my #365SelfDiscovery posts will be filed here.