The Birds Of Kiptopeke

As I’ve mentioned, I try to make at least one birding trip to Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia every year for fall migration. I’ve been pretty busy in the studio this year, so haven’t done as much birding as I’ve done in the past. And though I didn’t add a huge number of birds to the life-lists, it was nice to get away and take some time to just do the zen thing. And I did get a nice shot of a Cooper’s Hawk, the raptor sitting there on that rail in the featured image.

Most of the birds Jez and I saw were birds that are pretty common here at home. But still, the grace of Brown Pelicans in flight is worth shooting anyway.


Brown Pelicans


And Laughing Gulls are always amusing any time I see them.


Laughing Gulls


This Hermit Thrush was not very hermitty. He hung out and posed every which way for quite some time.


Hermit Thrush


But there were certainly a few new birds for me. I’d never seen a Black-and-white Warbler before, for instance.


Black-and-white Warbler


…or a Blue-headed Vireo.


Blue-headed Vireo


And of course as common as they are, I always take at least a few shots of the ubiquitous Yellow-rumped Warblers.


Yellow-rumped Warbler


It was a lovely trip, and it was nice to share my love of birds with the woman I love. It was our first real birding adventure together, and I think I might have set the hook on the bird photography thing…



To repeat the disclaimer, this is a project about re-discovery. It’s about remembering who I am, what I’m about, what I love and what I do not. Fair warning, this project will be posted here rather than at my SFW site because there will be nudity from time to time. Some of it will be of me, some not, some artistic and pretty to look at, some just raw.

I don’t intend to think of something every day and then shoot it, though I may do that sometimes, too. But sometimes I will just shoot, and then find something about myself in the frames and post about that thing, whatever it is.

All my #365SelfDiscovery posts will be filed here.