Busted – Right Place at the Right Time – 36/52

I’ve fallen behind on the 52-Week Challenge, so I’ll be needing to catch it up. I’ll get to that as I can, and also go back and add the shots I took but never posted for the 365 day self-discovery photo project, but not today.

There are several old bird feeders around the yard at the new place, but only one of them seems like it’s worth keeping. Years and years of neglect, and wear and tear I suppose, have taken their toll on the others, and on the sundry bird houses (and places where bird houses used to be mounted) on the property. I got this one cleaned up and serviceable, added some sunflower seed, and waited. The birds found it where I first put it, but of course so did the squirrels. I don’t really mind the squirrels, except it was so easy for them to get to, they were camped on it and chasing away the birds.

There was an old shepherd’s hook out front, and that’s where I’d originally hung the hummingbird feeder. I thought it would be a nice spot for it, and with azalea bushes close by for cover, it seemed like a nice spot for it. But the shepherd’s hook is now out back with the seed feeder, and the hummingbird feeder is where the seed feeder was, and after quite a bit of amusing confusion among the squirrels and the birds, everyone seems to have figured out where to find the seed.

We’ve just about got the unpacking done. It’s taking way longer than I’d anticipated. I’ve already got folks wanting to line up shoots, but I’ve got a bit more work to do before the place is ready. It’s coming along, but very slowly. My apologies to those who are waiting. I confess it does kinda feel good to have a queue forming, though. But I’ve got to get through the boring drudgery of unpacking before I can get to the fun picher-takin’ stuff.

Still, a few minutes of watching the birds every now and again makes for a nice break.

Just for fun, I might swap the feeders back and forth, just to get a giggle out of the squirrels trying to figure out the hummingbird feeder.



This shot is a part of a 52-Week Photo Challenge, passed on to me by my friend Wesley. Once a week I will be choosing a theme from the list and posting a shot on that theme. You can view all my entries here in the 52 Week Challenge category.