Stare at Da City

I was in DC over the weekend, as well as Philly. As it worked out, I had a few hours to myself in DC, and took the time to just walk around and look. I’ve been to the District many times, but have always spent my time there either doing all the tourist stuff or doing what I had to do and leaving. This time, I just looked at the city itself. No Washington Monument, no Lincoln Memorial, no Natural History Museum (that last was the most difficult – though I did duck in just to pee and managed to drop my camera on the marble floor…).

When I ignored all the grandiose display, this is the city I saw.










Washington, it seems, is a city where when you look at it, you discover it’s often looking back at you.














I’ve never really thought of DC as a pretty city, but I’ve changed my mind about that. And the blooming cherry blossoms everywhere are a sight to behold.




It’s also a very sexy city.




Who knew?

We’ll be in Charlotte this coming weekend for the Charlotte Brain Tumor Race, and we’re going up early on Friday to look at Charlotte the same way. I can’t wait to see what we see!

On a related note, while I’m still able to shoot smaller, less physically demanding events like the CBTR and Woodhull, I’ve had to give up shooting the Tour de Cure. My heart is utterly broken about that, but it can’t be helped.