Guitar Man

On Friday, we went to Charlotte to shoot the National Brain Tumor Society‘s Charlotte Brain Tumor Race on Saturday morning. Once we’d arrived in town, unloaded our gear at the hotel, and moseyed over to the park to say hello to Katie-Rose, we wandered the city a bit, just to look around. We stopped for dinner at a place called Qdoba. We decided to eat out on the patio so we could watch the city a little, and right across the street there was this fella playing his guitar for tips. He wasn’t really playing songs per se, but he was meandering through some really interesting chord progressions. By the time I’d made my way across the street, the bar on the opposite corner had begun blaring music over their system, so he was just waiting for their music to quit before he went back to playing. I talked to him a little bit, dropped a bill in his hat, and asked if he’d mind if I took his picture. He told me he was pretty famous, and has had his picture taken in Times Square.