Hommage à Impressionism

I’ve been wanting to get Tammy from behind the lens to in front of it for several years now, and it took the promise of a paint job to get her there. I was going for an Hommage to Monet, but it’s hard to do delicate brush strokes with fingers, and I think the final product looks more Van Gogh than Monet. But I have something else in mind for Van Gogh, so let’s just call this one Impressionism in general.

It’s part of a series I started some time ago, really, and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. Bria and I did Pollock




and we’ve done Magritte







and Karen and I have done Frahm


Hommage à Frahm (Male)




Hommage à Frahm (Female)


I want to do a bunch more of these.