JT came to me last year at Sex Geek Summer Camp to do a shoot in the incredibly gorgeous Abram’s Creek. What had started out for me as one brief shoot for The Book Club had turned into a clamoring queue of eager Sex Geeks wanting to get naked in the creek in front of my camera. The queue got longer as the week moved on, and as hard as I worked to squeeze everyone in, there was one Sex Geek left over, and no time to shoot her. I was especially disappointed because (from my perspective, which may or may not be accurate) it seemed to me JT had started the week at camp a bit tentative, reserved, almost shy, but had made a deliberate and successful effort to stick her neck out, push her own boundaries, and suck every drop of marrow from life at camp. A nude shoot in the creek seemed a perfect cap to her week, and I couldn’t get it done. I promised her she’d be first in line this year.

It was 6:00 AM when JT met me that first morning this year. I assure you the water was not warm. The weather looked a bit iffy. JT didn’t care. She stripped with enthusiasm and got in the creek with gusto. I can’t express to you how happy I was to fulfill my promise. I can’t tell you how much fun it was or how hard she rocked this shoot. But I can show you.

This particular shot wasn’t planned to be so reminiscent of a crucifixion, it just sort of happened that way (as these things sometimes do). It’s one of my favorite shots from the whole week. But there’s more JT to come, and a metric ton of creek shots in general, so bookmark the blog if you haven’t already, and check back here often over the next few weeks. You have my solemn word you will not be disappointed.



You can find all of my Naked-Sex-Geeks-In-Abram’s-Creek goodness by clicking here, or finding the SGSC item in the Blog submenu to the left (or at the top, if you’re on your phone).


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