Gender Outlaws

When I ask someone to bring a book for The Book Club, I don’t specify what kinds of books are acceptable. I want them to bring a book that means something to them, or moves them, or even that they’re reading right now. I don’t make any sort of judgement or set any boundaries. I’ve already read a bunch of the books people have chosen, in fact. And sometimes I’m surprised by their choices, for whatever reason. (I keep waiting on someone to bring a Bible…)

But sometimes I see their choices and think, “Yep.” Now, for Hunter, anything that has “Outlaws” in the title would be unsurprising (and you’ll see why when I post some other shots of her). But a book called “Gender Outlaws” just seems to fit her perfectly. And now I just want a copy to read for myself, and that’s a first.

Thanks, Hunter!



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