Tantric Quest

I’ve spent the last two weeks(ish) on the road. My first stop was at Sex Geek Summer Camp, where during my down-time I got to get back in the ever-beautiful Abram’s Creek and add a bunch of new shoots to the pile I did last year. Mandi was my first SGSC repeat model, and she was every bit as awesome and fun as she was last year.

And this year, she brought a book, just for The Book Club. That makes me happy.

There’ll be more shots of Mandi, and a whole mess more shots from the creek (I had a waiting list!!!), so stay tuned. You really, really don’t want to miss these, I promise you!

But first I have to finish up the last of the shots from Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2016, which was my second stop, and a couple of clients’ shoots. I’m sure there’ll be shots from those as well, to tide y’all over until I can get to the creek shoots.



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