All Of Me

It’s been difficult lately to see myself as anything but a broken heart, but I’m working hard to remember that there is so, so much more to me.

I am, after all, a Dad.

I’m a friend and a confidant.

I’m a Whovian.

I’m a photographer.

I’m a birder.

I am a science enthusiast with degrees in Biology.

And the part of me that is probably going to be vital to me in my healing right now is the artist.

I’m considering another 365 project. I found the last one cathartic, and would probably benefit enormously from it. We’ll see if I can corral all this emotion into that. This is very different emotion than that, though – a different relationship, a different ending, a completely different hurt – so the project would probably also be very different. Perhaps I’ll make a list of all the things I love about myself, and rotate though them daily, so a Dad shot one day, a friend shot the next day, etc. That might be interesting enough to drag me out of bed in the mornings. Maybe.

But there’s a lot to me, and it’s all in there, somewhere.