Morning Window Light

I had intended to be up early this morning and get some astrophotography shots as well as capture the morning light that comes in my bedroom window. Alas, I had some (unsurprising) trouble sleeping last night, and woke up quite late. Nevertheless, especially in the Spring and the Autumn, the morning light coming in this window is simply gorgeous.

I’ve been thinking about a better watermark for some time, and have been playing with it since just before the Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk that Jez and I shot a few weeks ago. I’m not thrilled with this one, but it’s the best of what I’ve come up with so far. The idea is that sometimes neither black nor white fonts show up well no matter where I put them, and it would make my life simpler if I had a logo/watermark that was easy to read no matter where I put it on any given photo. I’ll probably come back to poking at it soon, but I’ve discussed my feelings about watermarks in the past. That’s hardly a motivating sentiment, I think.