Abbie’s Little Bit of White

I haven’t posted as much boudoir work this year as I did last year. There are probably a million reasons for that, or perhaps a million excuses. So it was nice to take at least a couple of shots with Abbie when she came by a few weeks ago.

Abbie was wonderful as always, but I could tell I’m not at the top of my game. It took me entirely too long to get the lighting I wanted for this shot, and it’s just because I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the studio this year. I need to fix that.

To that end, I’m thinking of running a special of free or heavily discounted boudoir photoshoots, just to get me back on track. If that’s something that would interest you, touch base with me and we’ll get it set up. Grab your sexy lingerie or treat yourself to something new, or just show up and we’ll peruse my wardrobe closet. Bring a little wine for your nerves, if you like, I won’t tell.

Sometimes a little wine helps.