Body Lines 08

My friend Abbie came by a few weeks ago to pose for me. We did a few nudes, then a bit of boudoir after that. One of the galleries I haven’t done much with lately is the Body Lines gallery.

This piece was sort of spontaneous, I just suddenly caught hints of it through the lens and made a few adjustments. I love the parallel diagonals in it, and Abbie was a real trooper, holding the pose as I poked and prodded and pushed and pulled to get it just right. Thank you again, old friend.

Body Lines is a project to which I love adding. It’s just been on the back burner out of necessity and life, that thing that gets in the way of art sometimes, but also inspires some of my best work.

It’s been fun to watch Abbie’s evolution over the course of our friendship and our photographic relationship, and I’ve enjoyed watching her become stronger and bolder as a person and as a model. There are more images coming soon from this shoot, and I imagine we’ll see a lot more of Abbie here as time goes on.

That makes me smile.