Hungry Man

Apparently, I was pretty hungry.

I’d been pretty much sustaining myself on on turkey sandwiches and potato chips until yesterday. And this is the first real food I’ve cooked. It’s the breakfast I’d often made for us, sort of our “the usual” – fried egg over hard on an English muffin, with mayo and a bit of brown mustard, spinach, tomato, and crispy baked bacon and a side of sliced apples baked with the bacon and sprinkled with cinnamon. I didn’t have any avocado, but that’s ok. Without thinking, I cracked two eggs in the pan, and didn’t realize until after they were done.

No worries, though. Nothing went to waste. I think I might have finished eating before the first bits made it all the way down my throat. Apparently, I was *very* hungry.

Of course we usually had coffee with breakfast rather than wine, but it’s a huge improvement over the first few days. It wasn’t until late Friday night / Saturday morning last week until I realized I’d not eaten anything at all since I made us breakfast Wednesday morning. So this is a good development. It’s definitely a step back toward normalcy, whatever that means now, from nothing at all, or even turkey sandwiches and potato chips.

Imma go finish that glass of wine now, and curl up with the Doctor for awhile. I might even go yell at a random whack-job on the internet, just to vent a little. (Nah, prolly not.)

Next up, fish fingers and custard.