Jez and The Tree

I’ve been looking at The Tree for some time, itching to get a model on or around it, to see what I could get out of it. It’s a bit of a hike to get to, and I only found it by accident one day last year while out exploring and birding. I’ve looked at The Tree from every angle, from a bunch of distances, and at various times of the day.

I was just out there again last week, in fact.


The Tree


I’d decided I liked this angle best, and sunrise would be the time to take my first crack at it, if I ever got a chance. But getting people to get up and get naked for pictures out in the woods at sunrise is surprisingly difficult, it turns out.

Yesterday morning, I finally got my first chance, and I managed to drag Jez out to The Tree before dawn for a shoot. It was warmer by quite a margin than it has been here the last week or so, and she braved the onslaught of a bajillion mosquitoes for me. You can’t ask for much more dedication than that.

In spite of it all, it was a beautiful sunrise, mist rising up out of the long grass and those beautiful reds and golden tones spilling through the pines everywhere. But this is definitely the shot of the day, I think, and well worth the trouble. Jez may disagree, but I think she’s too busy scratching all the mosquito bites to be able to beat me with a stick or anything.

I’ve got some more stuff I want to do with The Tree, I just need to roust some more models out of bed at 0dark:30.

Also, I’m going to try adding this censored version here for possible use when sharing the link to Facebook. I’m trying to avoid another stint in Facebook jail, for their ridiculous no-nudity policy.


Jez and the Tree (censored)



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