Maryanne, or the Kindness of Strangers

While I was out for my walk yesterday, part of my wanderings took me down a gravel road. I was just out to get out, and shooting whatever I saw, and was enjoying the day. I don’t think I looked in distress in any way, but it’s hard to see through other people’s eyes.

At one point a small truck came from the direction I was heading and stopped beside me. The door opened, and a stranger, this stranger, Maryanne, leaned out to ask if I were OK, and if I needed any help, or a ride somewhere. It was surprising and sweet.

I explained to her that I was just out for a walk taking pictures, and she asked me to take hers. I was all too happy to shoot a stranger who showed me kindness, and I gave her my business card so she could contact me and get her pictures.

No big moral here, no metaphor, no life lesson or anything. Just a moment I wanted to share.