Portrait of a Pose

It’s funny, the things that get stuck in your head. I mentioned yesterday that I’d been thinking about variations on this basic pose. It was when I took this portrait of Ygritte last summer that it first found its way into my regular repertoire. There’s something classical about the pose to me: stately, graceful, poised, and yet relaxed.

As I look back through my archives, I see that I’ve been a bit willy-nilly with it. It’s been kind of “sit here sort of like this, let me throw some lights on you, and let’s take the shot”. But it turns out that randomosity is informative. Looking at a handful of other times I’ve used it, I can see subtle and not-so-subtle differences, things like whether the high leg is on the same side as the key light (in Helen’s case)


Fifty Shades


Now Then


or the fill light (in Ygritte’s case, here), or just in shadow, as with the portrait of Abbie I posted yesterday.


Portrait of Abbie


In Nadine’s case, I added a little bit of angle and lowered the camera relative to her body, and that gives yet another feel to the pose.


Portrait of Nadine


Tiara, below, added just a bit of contrapposto and body language to her take on it, and I think that gives the pose an air of casualness it didn’t have before.


Portrait of Tiara


And in Mica’s case last week, we put a more sexy boudoir spin on the same pose. A little head tilt, a gentle hair tug, and of course a bedroom background put the pose in an entirely different context. (There’s more Mica coming over the next few days, and trust me on this, you’ll want to see it…)


Portrait of Mica


I imagine the pose has a lot more work to give me, and the variations will continue, but I’ve learned a lot from this little exercise, and I’ll continue to learn as I play with it.


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