Wait, beloved. Actively, patiently wait.

This is one of my very favorite pieces from Sex Geek Summer Camp. As I mentioned earlier, it took awhile to set up, between the rope work by Sarah’s partner and figuring out exactly how to line up this shot, but the end result knocks me over.

Besides the gorgeous setting and the equally-gorgeous model, the symmetry of the pose and the asymmetry of the knots, the little star tattoo, and just the lovely way her hair falls in this shot, I love both the explicit and implicit sexuality of this piece.

It’s not often I get to share this sort of shot. You won’t see much in the way of labia on my website, and the discussion about why that is, and of what constitutes “acceptable” art and what constitutes pornography is an interesting one to me. (For the record, I don’t see any objective way to draw a distinction and don’t worry much about it, but what I find interesting is where other people do.) I love it when I can create a piece of art that pushes people’s boundaries, that makes them uncomfortable, gets them wondering on which side of their personal line they’re standing. I think this piece does exactly that.

Thank you Sarah, for allowing me to share this intimate and beautiful piece with the world.



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