My Dirty Mirror

My mirror has seen, and continues to see, a few things. Sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s just plain dirty. Usually though, it’s some combination of the above.

I suppose I sometimes overshare here on the blog. I probably shouldn’t talk about my personal life and loss as much as I do, and I probably should care what potential clients might think of that.

But frankly, I don’t. I don’t do what I do to get rich, and I don’t ever want anyone, anywhere, to mistake me for a businessman before an artist. I’d rather be perpetually broke than to tiptoe around some stupid hangups some possibly potential client might have about what I do. I’m just over that.

And since I’m feeling particularly salty today, here’s a message for anyone who’s got a problem with it. Thanks, Helen, for helping me to express that.

Also, if you’re a Trumpster Diver. I’m really done with pretending to be polite with horrible people. That fucker ran on a platform of being a horrible person, and not one voter, anywhere, voted for him based on fiscal policy or education policy or anything resembling a reasonable reason. If you voted for Trump, it’s because you are a horrible fucking person voting for someone just like you. Quit lying about it. Also, keep your money, I don’t want it. Go fuck yourself, too.