Raptor in the Window

I haven’t gotten out much lately to do much birding. Very little, in fact, since the annual trip to Kiptopeke. I’ve kind of been in a hole, out from which I think I’m finally climbing, so it was just about all I could manage a few weeks ago, when this Red-shouldered Hawk landed in the tree just off the porch, to pick up the camera and get a shot through the window.

I’m glad I bothered, as difficult as it was to care at the time, though it was a bit of a pain to process the one frame I got off before it flew. The background was in ridiculously bright sunlight that day, and the hawk mostly in the shade of the house.

I miss birding, and it will probably be a few months before I get too much more in, but there’ll be a little bit here and there. I’m sure I’ll share some of my feathered friends here, of course. Then again, the new camera vest, which takes a huge amount of strain off my neck, may get me out and about a bit more over this winter.

I guess we’ll see.