I love summer.

I’m not a fan of winter. I don’t like the cold generally, but cold weather also increases my physical pain and symptoms like numbness in my extremities. Sometimes the transition from summer to winter can be quite striking in its beauty, but sometimes quite shocking in its abruptness. And sometimes the latter can cloak the former from me, unless I make a deliberate, conscious, and sometimes herculean effort to see and appreciate it.

Summer to me feels like a cozy blanket, with its warmth and light and comfort, so I’m always sad to see it pass into autumn and, inevitably, winter. I miss the fun of summer, of being outside and doing exciting, outdoorsy, nature activities. I miss the 5 AM trips to catch the sunrise and the early birds, and the late sunsets in the park. I miss the beach, and swimming in the ocean. I miss looking up and pointing out Scorpius and Sagittarius to the center of my galaxy. If I had my way, summer would return and never leave again.

But I’m not in charge of this, so summer has left and the transition to winter is ongoing, and while I’m not ok with it, it’s the way of things and I’ll adapt. Eventually, Scorpius will be rising again, and summer’s warm blanket of love and comfort will return. Even now, I’m looking forward to that.



Louis Shackleton is a boudoir, portrait, art, event, and wildlife photographer formerly based in Wilmington, NC and now traveling the continent in his 2001 VW Passat named Gypsy.

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