Seduction Photography, by Louis Shackleton

Your Narrative, Photographed

When Jez and I went out to the pine savanna last week to do a shoot, she took along this lace babydoll from the wardrobe closet. While it’s notĀ a traditional boudoir setting (it’s not, after all, in the boudoir…) I love how a lot of the shots turned out. And I think what appeals to me most is the huge contrasts in textures.

The sticky saw grass and the pointy needles and rough bark of the long-leaf pines are at the opposite end of the tactile spectrum from the soft lace of the lingerie and her wonderful skin. As I move out of this home we made together, I can’t help but see the parallels with the prickly, sometimes painful transition to the beginning of a new chapter in my own life. But I’m grateful beyond measure for Jez’sĀ continuing friendship and affection. In the middle of all this stress and fear, she’s still the soft, pleasant happy-place that makes it all a little less scary, a little less frightening. And sometimes all it takes is a gentle touch on the cheek to make it all better.