Sexual Freedom Is A Fundamental Human Right

I am a sex-positive, kink-friendly photographer.

I wouldn’t have thought there was any question about that out there, but since it’s come up a few times lately, I’m stating it plainly. In fact, shooting people giving each other (or themselves) pleasure is one of my favorite types of shoots. I like to make people smile, and I love seeing people happy. So yes, I will shoot your porn, or just your O-face, or your implication of sexy-kinky-fun-times. All you have to do is ask.

Sexual Freedom Is A Fundamental Human Right, and that’s why I shoot Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit each year. I’m damned proud to be their official photographer, and 2017 will be my fifth year in that capacity. It is vitally important to me to do what I can to help remove stigma and shame regarding sexuality and our physical wants and needs.

But there’s a lot of ground between sexy boudoir photos in lingerie and shots like this (and more ground beyond), and it’s imperative that your session lands where you want it to land. So communication is key. Let’s get what you really want nailed down before we schedule a shoot, so we don’t find ourselves at the end of a shoot with you saying, “I wish we could have…”

Because we could have.

You have the right to feel sexy or slutty or porny or horny without shame or judgment, and I’ll help in any way I can. That’s my promise to you.

(Many thanks to the couple who posed for this and allowed me to use it. I’ll leave them nameless for now.)