Coastal Contemplations

TMLRT goes to the beach.

I think I’m beginning to remember who I am as a person…  ~ excerpt from my Journal of Impossible Things

I spent a few days in Wilmington and the surrounding area, and while I was there, I made an afternoon of sitting on the beach just thinking and writing.

I got so wrapped up in that wonderful feeling I forgot I am an actual, separate human being. I think I’m starting to remember me. I like me, all by myself. I cannot forget me. The Making Lemonade Road Tour is becoming something I want to do, not just something I have to do.

And that makes me happy. ~ ibid

I’ve had a lot of stuff making a ton of noise in the back of my head for a few weeks, and it was all competing for my attention, so a day of just sitting and sorting it all out, prioritizing it, and putting it all back together was exactly what I needed.