With The Making Lemonade Road Tour in full swing these days, there has been entirely too little sexy going on around here on the blog. Shan is here to help fix that.

For various privacy-related reasons, I’m sometimes asked to use a pseudonym for a model or client when I use the photos I take of them. And I’m fine with that, really. I understand our society is a weird place with weird hang-ups, and people sometimes need to protect themselves from the fallout of all that nonsense. I try to remember (but sometimes forget) to ask about what name people want to use, and sometimes we have long, complicated conversations about the upsides and downsides to real names and pseudonyms.

Part of my conversation with Shan about what name to use involved her desire to help normalize being publicly sexy, her desire to help make it ok for other people to be publicly sexy. She decided that to take the first step in that direction, she needed to use her given name rather than a pseudonym.

I couldn’t be more proud of her for that, as my client, as a person, and as my friend. You rock, Shan.