Travelogue with Pictures

I spent yesterday on the road to New Orleans. I got as far as a rest stop just west of Pascagoula, Mississippi, and took a few shots along the way.

I left Beverly’s about 8:30, and continued what I guess is becoming a tradition, stopping at each state line to get a shot of the “Welcome to…” sign at the welcome center.



On a whim, I pulled off in Madison, Georgia, in Morgan County. It bills itself as “One of the 16 Most Beautiful Towns in the World”, and it’s certainly pretty.




With some pretty odd recreational habits.



But a very cute sign on the door to the visitor’s center. I wonder if that’s how they snatch the “Babies + Kids” to sell on Fridays and Saturdays.




I was running down I85 and then I65 in Alabama, which took forever, it seemed.



I stopped for a quick dinner.



And I finally pulled over shortly after I rolled into Mississippi, to catch a few hours of sleep in a rest stop. I’m not really sure what happened to the photo of the “Welcome to Mississippi” sign. I definitely looked at it, I definitely pointed the camera at it. Was I so tired I forgot to squeeze the button? Hmmm…

The dawn was pretty enough, but the view was mostly obscured.



What you can’t see in this next shot of my traveling office is the swarm of a bajillion mosquitoes.



I’m off to New Orleans.