What Is The Making Lemonade Road Tour?

I probably should have started with this post, but I’ve been putting it off for several reasons I may write about later. Right now, I need your help.

Life handed me lemons, in spades.

That’s an excerpt from my Journal of Impossible Things. But no, that’s not exactly true. “Life took a great big handful of rotten lemons and shoved them down my fucking throat,” might be a more accurate way to describe how I feel about it. Maybe I’m just a drama llama. It’s hard to say objectively, when I’m right in the middle of things.

The short version is my lease was up where I lived. The love of my life so far needed to follow a different path. I was heartbroken and alone. My children are grown and on their own. I couldn’t afford a place of my own, even in the shittiest apartment complex in the shittiest town in eastern North Carolina. I’m disabled and Social Security Disability doesn’t pay all that much. I make a few bucks from my photography here and there, but nothing steady, and certainly not enough to live on. I found myself about to be homeless.

I suppose I could have just crawled into the gutter and called it a life. There were days when I was sorely tempted to do just that, and truth be told there are still days I feel that way. I could have tried to search for some stranger with which to share an apartment. I could have moved in with either of my kids. None of those options were awesome.

Instead, I got rid of most everything I owned. It was hard to let go of a lot of that stuff. I’d been dragging some of it around with me for twenty years or more. But it was all just stuff. I rented a 5′ X 5′ storage unit for what little I kept, loaded my camera gear, my bike gear, and my camping gear into the car and started out to make lemonade from those lemons.



And as difficult as it is for me, I’m asking for your help.

I wrote a few days ago there are tons of places in the country I haven’t seen, but want to, and at my age this might be my last chance to just go see them. I have a few places I have to be at certain times this year, but in between I’ll be trying to get to as many of those places I haven’t seen as I can. As I travel about, I’ll of course be taking photos of the beautiful scenery, the weird little things that catch my eye, and – this should really go without saying – sexy people.



Here are the two things I need from my friends:

  1. A couch to sleep on for a few days if I’m in your area.
  2. Work.

So camping is fun and awesome and all, but company and clean sheets would be nice from time to time while I’m out gallivanting around the country. If you’ve got a nice snuggly warm soft place for me to crash and want some company, I’d love to see you.

And I’m going to need to do as many shoots as I can as I travel about to pay for things like car maintenance and camera maintenance and soap. Soap is important.

I’ll probably stick to a simple business model, just to keep my sanity. Something like $100/hr, I’ll shoot whatever you want. (Boudoir, nudes, erotica, family portraits, headshots, your goldfish Leo, whatever.)

Here’s an idea! Invite a bunch of friends over for a sexy lingerie photoshoot and pajama party, and split the cost amongst you. C’mon, that’d be fun! Make a Facebook event or just plug my website and this blog and share my photos on social media.

I’ll look into some way to keep a calendar online so people can see when I’ll be in their area, but for now I think it’ll be this blog and Facebook posts, so keep an eye out here and there.