I spent a good hunk of the day updating the website. Mostly little things, like altering where the About page said I was in Wilmington so it reflects that I’m on the road now, some rearranging of the menu, and whatnot. There’s more to do, but my eyes are bleeding at this point, and I think I’m just done with the fixes for now. It was cold here in the DC area today, and supposed to be much nicer tomorrow, so I’ll get out and about then.

Monday I’ve got a fun photoshoot party setting up, thanks to a fellow Sex Geek who’s graciously hosting and doing all the set-up work, really. I don’t know where I’d be without my friends, for sure. I’m looking forward to Monday.

At the moment, I’m just having a beer in the quiet, and scribbling in my Journal of Impossible Things, and ruminating. I should probably be thinking about some sort of post footer to link to the category page for The Making Lemonade Road Tour, but I’m distracted and can’t really focus on it.

I guess I’ll just have this beer and continue ruminating.