A Couple of Birds

I haven’t really done any birding per se since I’ve been here in SW Louisiana, but I’ve snapped a few shots off here and there of whatever’s been around. The Red-shouldered Hawk above was soaring over the barn when we were about to start working on the stairs, yesterday. I held up production long enough to pop off a few frames.

The garden out front of the Rose Marie has been getting a few visitors, including a couple of Brown-headed Cowbirds. I love the little water-dripping sounds they make.





Watching the metric crap-load of Cardinals defending their piece of the feeding grounds has been entertaining.







And the White-throated Sparrows take a bit of time to get used to my presence, but eventually shed a bit of their shyness long enough to forage under the bushes.





I’m hoping to get a day to just go birding before I move on, but it may be this weekend before I get a chance.