Seduction Photography, by Louis Shackleton

Your Narrative, Photographed

It’s been awhile since I’ve added anyone to The Book Club, and last week I got to shoot a couple of people for it. Renée was so tickled about shooting in this tub out back by the garden at the Rose Marie, she brought two books. This is the first of them.

I walked past this tub several times a day while I’ve been staying here, and one day it just struck me how long I’d been wanting to shoot something like this. I cleaned it up, cleaned it out, and put some water in it, then surprised Renée with it. She’d been wanting to have photos done in it for years, but hadn’t mentioned it to me at all.

The Rose Marie has been very good for me, and it’s been very good to me. It’s really got a personality of its own.

I love it when a lack-of-plan comes together.



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