Travelogue: Mississippi and Louisiana

Before arriving in New Orleans the other day, I putzed around in Mississippi a bit. I’d somehow lost (or not taken) my shot of the “Welcome to Mississippi” sign, so after some morning errands involving shipping tape and a broken turn signal, I found myself back close to the welcome center. Yep, I went back just for the shot. It seemed sort of important for The Making Lemonade Road Tour. They didn’t have any postcards for my Journal of Impossible Things, though.

I thought I’d take the scenic route advertised, US Highway 90. For the most part though, the scenery consisted of a well-maintained four-lane divided highway running between two shopping centers that ran from Pascagoula to at least Biloxi. I wouldn’t recommend it for the scenery.

There were, however, signs for Gulf Islands National Seashore, and not being on any sort of time schedule, I took a detour over to look around.



There weren’t a ton of birds about, but it was midday, so that’s not unexpected. I mostly just walked the short trail and visited the visitor center. It was pretty, though.



And not at all far from the sign was this rather large fellow, basking about.



And I hadn’t seen a Snowy Egret in awhile, so this obliging bird made me smile.



It was a quiet and pleasant day for driving, and eventually I loafed on into Louisiana. They also had no postcards in the Welcome Center.



I parked and pitched my tent in St. Bernard’s State Park,



before meeting up with my friend Meghan and her entourage in the French Quarter to hang out and watch the parade.



It’d been a lovely day, but a long one, so I called it a night fairly early.

Fat Tuesday, however, was all about the Mardi Gras pictures (coming soon!).