Seduction Photography, by Louis Shackleton

Your Narrative, Photographed

Meghan wanted to join The Book Club, and I can’t think of a more Meghan shot than this one right here. Covered in finger paint, great big smile, bare-assed naked in the shed on a tractor reading Dr. Seuss with Magic the Unicorn beside her. Why? ┬áBecause it was fun, and she just wanted to. And that’s all the reason there needs to be. There’s a life lesson for us all.

She’s just so fun, and happy, and full of life, and curious, and and and…

That’s Meghan. That’s my friend.



Naked Nerds, Garmentless Geeks, and Bare-assed Bookworms. Grab your favorite book, drop your knickers, and join the most fun book club anywhere!