The Wizard of Oz

A few days ago, Wendy gee surprised and delighted me when she sent a note saying she wanted to join The Book Club. I’ve been excited silly about this shoot ever since we set it up. I snuck back up to North Carolina unannounced to pretty much anyone, so no one would catch on to exactly what she was up to.

She’s got this really cool series of nude self-portraits wearing nothing but Chuck Taylor All Star Converses, which I highly recommend you check out. She’d been given that copy of The Wizard of Oz novels by her special person, and we put those two ideas together; new red sneakers to echo ruby slippers, the book itself, The Tree working to evoke an image of tornado damage.

Early this morning, she grabbed her new red Chucks and we headed out to The Tree to grab the shot we wanted. Along the way into the forest, we passed a turkey hunter heading back out along the trail toward the parking lot. I don’t think he was fooled about what we were up to, but absolutely no fucks were given today.



Naked Nerds, Garmentless Geeks, and Bare-assed Bookworms. Grab your favorite book, drop your knickers, and join the most fun book club anywhere!


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