Travelogue: The Carolina Hurricane

For the last several weeks, I’ve been circling back and forth between North and South Carolina, and that’s going to continue for about two more weeks. After that, I’m heading west without a safety net, and The Making Lemonade Road Tour will be in full swing for the summer.

As that begins to loom, I’m surprisingly getting calmer and less nervous about it. Excitement is beginning to wash out everything else, and I find that sort of interesting in itself. I can be pretty introspective sometimes, even sometimes when I feel powerless to actually do anything about what I find inside me. And on a meta note, I find that interesting, too.

I’ll probably wander down to Louisiana first, briefly revisit the Rose Marie, then head for Houston to spend some time with a friend who needs a little help getting to know his new light kit. After that the plan is to mosey out to Big Bend (moseying is what one does in Texas, n’est pas?) and see what kind of photos I can get there. Between now and then, of course, I’d love to stop and see and shoot any friends I have along the route (or even sort of generally vaguely in that part of the country). I’ll be looking for paying clients, but I suppose everyone knows I’d never turn away a friend who couldn’t afford me. Y’all do know that, right?

I’ve got some stuff that’s been sitting in the queue for some time, and I hope to have most of that published here on the blog before the big excursion gets started, so keep your eye on this space. Some of it is just goddamned sexy.