Can’t Sleep, Bird Will Eat Me

I felt well enough yesterday to do a little bit longer walk and look around some. I was beginning to wonder if my spine was going to ease up at all before I left Mount Lemmon.

While I was out and about, I saw several new birds for my life-lists. This Yellow-eyed Junco was among them. The Yellow-eyed Junco primarily lives in Mexico, and only a few mountains in extreme southern Arizona and New Mexico. Seeing one and getting such a clean shot felt pretty awesome. I didn’t know what kind of bird it was when I first saw it (I don’t have a field guide for this side of the Rockies), but I did know this:

That bird came straight from the pits of Hell and wants to eat my soul. I showed this shot to Jez, and she said, “Yo. That bird looks like it’s been hunting you down its entire life.”

So it’s not just me that thinks so.