Making Lemmonade, Phoenix, and Los Angeles

The Making Lemonade Road Tour is leaving Mount Lemmon on Wednesday morning, bound for Big Sur in California. But first I’ll be stopping in Phoenix, Arizona to see a dear old friend I’ve known for a decade but never met in person.

It’ll still be too far a drive to make in one go for me, and as it happens, I’ll be traveling right through the City of Angels. Now, I know a lot of people in that area, I’m sure. But I can never remember just who is there, and who is in San Francisco (where I’m headed late in June). So I’m putting out a general call. Well, actually, it’s a two-for-one deal here.

First, I could use a couch or a spare bed, or a nice cozy floor on which to crash for a few days, starting Friday, maybe for the weekend, if you’ll have me. After leaving Mike’s, I should even be freshly showered and won’t even stink too much, how’s that for a bargain?

Second, money is getting a little tight on the Road Tour. Unexpected expenses combined with a run of work that has fallen through or just plain vaporized are starting to make me nervous, and I could use a little work. If you or anyone you know in the LA area would like to set up a shoot over next weekend, I’m still running my flat-rate Making Lemonade Road Tour special of $200 for a two hour shoot, or $100 for a one hour shoot.

The best way to book a shoot right now is through the Contact Form on this website, or by Facebook Message if we’re FB friends.

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