Storm in the Desert

Good morning from Big Bend National Park. This was a storm that crept by along the horizon last night. For the first night since I’ve been here, I didn’t have to drop the tent from the wind and run for the car til a storm passed. It was nice to watch this one from a distance.

I’m not really very well connected out here, but I don’t want anyone to worry. I can get some text messages in and out sometimes, and Snapchat sort of works from time to time, but that’s about it. Email is not even a thing.

My campsite is out on the desert floor in the back country, and it’s a seven mile drive, across two arroyos, to get to the WiFi at the visitors center. I hope you’ll forgive me if I say it’s just not worth it. And email is still not a thing. I’m a little busy sucking every last drop out of the marrow of life, and y’know, not dying in the desert, so I trust everyone can be patient and stick around for the photos until I’m back in civilization.

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