Travelogue: From Louisiana to Big Bend

A few days at the Rose Marie turned into a week, as these things tend to do there. While there one morning, there were a couple of Barred Owls caterwauling at each other from trees on either side of my tent, and I, brilliantly, decided that calling back to them using my phone and recordings from Cornell’s Ornithology Lab’s All About Birds website was a fantastic idea. It wasn’t.



This is what happens when a Barred Owl tries to land on the visor over your tent doors.



It was nice to see Gillis Village is coming along so well, though.





And of course, there were teh kittehs.



I left the Rose Marie and headed west, stopping for a couple of nights in Marble Falls, Texas.




In Texas, they take their slogans seriously, it seems.



And their love lives. I saw this at a red light, and it made me both happy and a little sad.



and took a dip in the Colorado River on a lark, because why not?



That was the evening Journey got busted up, and I needed a bit of relaxation anyway. I’m still waiting on State Farm to finish pushing around papers so I can get her repaired. Between those two events, I did manage a short walk in the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Preserve, where I thought I’d make a deliberate effort to shoot things that were not birds, like this little cactus flower.



…and these rocks.



…and this trail marker. See? Not bird stuff.



Kind of.

But of course there were a few birds, too. It wasn’t an awesome day for birding or bird photography, but it had been awhile since I’d seen a Northern Rough-winged Swallow



or a Purple Martin.



And then I was off to Big Bend National Park, in southwest Texas, which I think will get a post of it’s own for the travelogue, even though I’ve already posted this wonderful storm shot of which I’m very proud, and this pair of pictures of my ass in a canyon, and this big ol’ tarantula, and these Warner Brothers Cartoon pictures from there. There were lots of other photos, so stay tuned for those.

I’m still way behind on processing photos, but I’ve been making progress and doing laundry and whatnot today while I’m staying a few nights with my old friend Mike in Phoenix. I’m pretty happy about that.