Leela Interviews Louis

I sat down a few weeks ago with my friend Leela Sinha (intensivescentral.com and bodyofpleasure.com) at her home in California, and we talked about my photography.

Feminism and The Male Gaze (00:00)
Power and Consent (04:20)
Subject vs. Object (07:55)
Gender and Kink Spectra and Creative Plans Going to Hell (09:45)
My Favorite Shoots and Diversity in My Portfolio (16:05)
Being Yourself and Your Right to be Gazed Upon as You Are (19:13)
Barriers and Influences (28:50)
About Leela, A Belated Introduction (32:07)
What I Wish I Could Tell My Prospective Clients (34:24)
Dude with a Camera (38:04)
Why I Do What I Do (41:30)
My Unusual Perspective (44:40)
I Don’t Do This for the Money (49:45)
My Feminism, My Kink, and My Work (52:02)
Yes, I Am A Mostly-Heterosexual Adult Male Primate (58:35)
How I Handle The Creep Factor (1:04:37) (with a plea for a business manager on the side!)
I Love You, Christina (1:10:45)
It’s the Little Things (1:13:17)
What I Will Not Do (1:19:50)
More Than Squeezing a Shutter Button (1:21:55)



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Leela Interviews Louis” from The Making Lemonade Road Tour by Seduction Photography by Louis Shackleton, Leela Sinha. Released: 2017. Track 1. Genre: Documentary.


Photo Copyright 2017 Leela Sinha, used with permission.