Seduction Photography, by Louis Shackleton

Your Narrative, Photographed

Of all the shots I took when Bri got in the creek one evening, I like this one best. Bri has a lot of ink, and she’s another person I’d love to sit and talk with about the stories behind her tattoos. But this shot really shows off the stars beside her eye, and it’s this bit of art I’d most like to discuss, along with the moon at her hairline.

I’m not sure what compels me so much about these tattoos in particular, but I find them strikingly beautiful in their simplicity and their in-your-facedness (if you’ll pardon both the made-up word and the pun).

Someday, I’m going to make a point of talking with everyone whose body art I’ve shot, and Bri is going to be one of the first.



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