Geeky Sexy Love

I’ve posted a few shots of Jenn in the creek from this summer, including a shot specifically for The Book Club. But I wanted to save this one for near the end of the 2017 series because it’s so rare for me to get to shoot couples. I didn’t get a lot of time with anyone this year, and Jenn and Sean were no exception to that, but we developed a lovely rapport that led to my visiting them back in November. (There was, of course, a photoshoot! Stay tuned!)

But what I love about this shot is how much it conveys the flavor of their relationship. It’s a Geeky, Sexy kinda love, and it just drips off them like the melted sugar on a cinnamon roll. Sean and Jenn have become dear friends, and I’ll be visiting them again when I head back south this winter. (There will be, of course, a photoshoot! Stay tuned!)



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