Lost Lemonade Files: Big Bend, Big Skies

  1. I spent over a week in the desert at Big Bend National Park last year, so obviously there are tons of photos. I’m going to try to consolidate them into groups, and in this case the big skies and landscapes all in one post.

Over the course of the week, I tried a couple of times to get a shot of my tent site from the main road. In the second photo below, you can sort of see a white spot off to the left of the shot, along the desert floor. That’s the road beside my tent site. Just to the right of that there’s a tiny spot of lighter green that is the top of my tent. I was a long way from the main road.




I zoomed way in on this image to show it a little better.



No matter where I looked in the park, there was just gorgeous scenery to be photographed. The canyons were magnificent.




The mountains were just gorgeous in the clouds.



I did a lot of just experimenting, with things like wide angle vs. more zoomed in.








I played a little bit with high-contrast black and white, even, to really bring out the craggy, rough terrain.



I took a selfie over a cliff in this spot, right about in the middle of the shot, where the single, tiny, red flower is, then moved around the cliff some to get a shot of where I was. It was a terribly long way down from there.



Speaking of selfies, of course I took a bunch. This particular one was just fun because I had such a wonderful view from my bathtub (which is just a rubber dish tub).




The sunrises were as lovely as you might expect.




And the night skies… oh, I just could never do them justice.




I shot a great big panorama on the Rio Grande.



And another from the top of the canyon where I took some nude self portraits which I posted here at the time.



But of course the grandaddy sky/landscape of them all was this lightning storm I posted at the time. It’s my second favorite shot I’ve ever taken, and that’s saying something.



If you’d like to see that even larger than in the original post, you can click right here.