The Chair

I think they are fricken fantastic! I truly couldn’t be happier with the results. … I am completely thrilled. ~Beth 

Imma cheat a little on the 365TwentyEighteen project today, this is a shot I took of a client I had on Saturday. Beth was a lot of fun, and probably 75% of the shots we took were of her laughing. They’re great shots though, and she emailed me the above comments.

There will probably be a few more shots from Saturday, but I’m still choosing which ones to ask her for permission. 

This one in particular I love for its simplicity. I love the lines in the baseboard, chair, and the tile floor, and the less obvious vertical shadow line from her nose down through her hair, juxtaposed on the negative space of the big, bare, gray wall. This shot makes me happy.

Y’know what else makes me happy? A happy client.


I am a big fan of yours for sure!!

Well, that’ll make an artist’s day.


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