And the Evening and the Morning were the Second Day – Nassau

It was a gorgeous sunrise, that first morning aboard ship on the way to Nassau. For those who missed the previous post, my best friend was taking me on a cruise to the Bahamas for a belated 50th birthday trip, and as I’m a much earlier riser, I went walkabout with the camera. It’s fascinating to have an entire cruise ship basically to yourself, I highly recommend taking advantage of it if you ever have the chance.

Eventually the sun rose, and we were still at sea.










But soon other passengers began to rise, and the parties of the previous night resumed quickly.



The ocean was stunning.









We got our first glimpse of Nassau late in the morning, and several ships helped guide us into port.
















The port in Nassau was very friendly-looking.





There was a Disney cruise ship in port already, among others, but it had the best waterslide, near as I can tell.



We walked around Nassau a bit, looking around and headed generally in the direction of an old fort.







Good advice.






The fort was cool.







And nearby there was this huge carved stone staircase, built by slaves, and later named in honor of Queen Victoria.




















I don’t remember what I was up to, but…







We meandered our way back to the ship, took a carriage ride, and eventually got back aboard, mostly exhausted.



















In the Bahamas, you don’t actually have to get your passport stamped, but I’d just renewed mine, and it was lookin’ a little naked.



And if you hadn’t noted it, I got a new birding hat. My old one was about worn out, and the strap broke, and it was just time to retire it. Here’s the new one.



And speaking of birds, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t see many birds at all, except for a ton of Laughing Gulls, 



one Black-throated Blue Warbler





one White-crowned Pigeon (new for the life-lists, though)





some regular ol’ Rock Pigeons 



and a handful of Eurasian Collared-Doves



We did see a bunch of these cool looking lizards, though.



And that about wraps up our second day of the cruise. We sailed that evening for Coco Cay, where I tried some snorkeling and had a great time. I’ll try to get those shots up in the next post.


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