On the Third Day, Man Created Floaties

In case you’ve missed it, my best friend Beverly took me on a cruise to the Bahamas for my fiftieth birthday. We sailed from Nassau overnight to Coco Cay, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean, where the two main attractions were the beach and the snorkeling.

As I was on my morning pre-dawn walk around the ship, I discovered I was not the only one aboard celebrating my second 25th birthday.



The ocean was the same shade of blue that kept me saying, “That’s not a real color. They made that up.” each time I saw it.







Beverly, as I mentioned, does not rise quite as early as I do.



I don’t talk about it much, but I’m disabled. I used to do lots of things I can no longer do, and among those things is swimming. Because of my neck injury, I can’t swing my arms over my head. I can hang out in a pool or at the beach, sure, but actual swimming is not possible anymore, so when Beverly suggested snorkeling, I was hesitant. Then she told me there’d be a floatie vest and swim fins, and I thought it might be doable.





The thing I didn’t anticipate was my discomfort in water that was over my head. It had been so long, when I got to a place where I couldn’t touch bottom, I had some anxiety and had to kind of hang out and de-panic for a few minutes. Beverly was amazingly patient and understanding, and hung out with me, and waited for me to get myself together.

Once I got my nervousness down to a dull roar, we snorkeled out to where there are some big hunks of ship sunk in the water to create little artificial reefs. Swimming with tropical fish was quite wonderful. I never got quite comfortable, and my chin kept hitting the valve on my vest whenever I’d turn my head to the left, so I left the photography duties to Beverly.
































I did take a few shots of Beverly while I was resting on a dock. 



Once back aboard the ship, we had drinks with one of the bachelorette parties.





And then enjoyed a beautiful, if windy, sunset.







I have one more post to make, I think, about the cruise, but that about wraps up the highlights. The following morning we docked back into Port Canaveral, and headed back to South Carolina. It was a fantastic experience, and probably the most memorable birthday gifts ever. 

Thank you, Beverly, you really are the best BFF ever.