Auto Centro, Import Especialists

She’s in good hands, I think. The folks at Auto Centro have been really good about communication and thoroughness. I had them give her a good look-over back in early January, and they gave me a good list of what works she needs done, and a break-down of about how much each of those repairs will cost and what they will each entail. It took awhile for me to gather up the money for this first, biggest, most expensive repair, but I finally got there.

I dropped her off with them yesterday afternoon for the first big repair. The timing belt was last replaced at 90,000 miles, according to the sticker on her cowl. They’re good for 70,000 miles. She’s got 220,000 miles on her. That’s some scary math. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – she’s been really, really good to me. I’m proud of her. She’s a fucking champ.

I should get to pick her up this afternoon, and start working towards her next repair, which will probably be the oxygen sensors. At that point, she should be running well, and be able to get me around as I peck away at the other stuff she needs done.