Happiness Comes (and Goes) in Stone Gray

“Tomorrow, I would love to see your interpretation of happy in one photo.” ~ Elizabeth

When my friend Elizabeth (I know a whole passel of them) asked how I keep myself motivated to shoot every single day, I told her that sometimes my friends see me struggling for inspiration or motivation and challenge me with some sort of prompt. …and of course she went right for the jugular.

Happy? In one photo? That’s a tall order.

I thought a lot about this. There are tons of things that make me happy as a plum, and bring me happiness. Lovers, friends, kids, photography, art, music, chocolate, coffee, and of course wine all bring me immense joy, just to get a list started, not necessarily in that order.

But in one shot? That’s a lot. 

But there is one thing that facilitates all of that, and that’s Gypsy. Gypsy is so much more than a 2001 Passat. She’s bigger than that. She’s grander than that. Look at the stickers on her ass. I collected all of those in situ last year. Gypsy takes me to all my happy places.

Gypsy is my Pearl.

Gypsy is Freedom.

Gypsy is “happy in one photo.”