The One That Got Away

We all have that one that got away.

I did some professional headshots for Acindina yesterday, and we had a lot of fun. But headshots are headshots; they’re very restrictive in their composition and form, and even the lighting needs to be a certain way, yada yada yada. And while there was dancing and laughing and a little bit of nonsense, we were shooting headshots.

Near the end of the shoot, I was getting a bit rammy, and needed to step outside the confines of the very small box for a shot for my 365 project, do something a little more creative. Nothing outlandish, just a quicky fun thing. My original intention was just a nice little shot of Acindina’s lips, maybe shallow depth of field and just a little side trip, y’know? Once I took the shot, I thought I was pretty happy with it. Then I got it on the laptop and wanted to do a little this and a little that. And then maybe mute the other colors in the shot. Then tighten the crop. Then there was some playing with the color, and some “hey, I wonder what would happen if…” and, and, and….

I think this one got away from me.