Booty Blues

One of my favorite shots from my shoot with Melissa a couple of weeks ago came near the very end of the shoot. I wasn’t sure if I could pull this set off, given how bright it was outside, and how much contrast there’d be shooting directly into the light in her sun room. I wasn’t planning on doing any shoots while I was up in Philly, so I didn’t bring my lights with me for fill, and all we had was natural window light and a reflector to work with.

But we got some epic highlights that fell in all the right places, emphasizing the curves of her body, and the light really brought out the beautiful blues in her walls and exercise equipment. The contrast also took away any distractions from outside, which makes the image feel simpler to me. I don’t usually blow out highlights like this, but it worked perfectly in this case, and gave us a completely different look from her bedroom photos we’d shot just an hour earlier and a few meters away.

Melissa was a wonderful client, and I can’t wait to work with her again.