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I had Gypsy in the shop on Monday to have a new coil pack put on, Craig’s thinking that we shouldn’t trust the codes she’s throwing about oxygen sensors until we’ve gotten the miss out of her engine. Cylinder Six was just gone, and one of the others was sort of firing sometimes, kind of sympathetically when cylinder one would decide to fire, so she was running on somewhere between three and five cylinders at any given time.

The coil pack got her going, and she ran like a dream for the few miles home. The Check Engine Light was out, and she seemed much happier. I don’t want to take her far until we’re very sure her engine is squared away, but I figured a 50 mile round trip to go birding in a spot I’ve been eyeing on eBird would be a nice first test run. I didn’t go far while birding yesterday, less than a kilometer, and I took my time. In fact, I was out there for five hours, and my back and legs are killing me this morning. The birding was excellent, however, and I shot 1030 frames. I’m still working on the photos, and I’ll maybe post some of those later today. I added two birds to my life-lists.

Gypsy’s CEL came back on yesterday evening when I took a quick trip to Brookside Gardens just to see how the pergolas were doing, but she still seems to be running just fine. I’ll have to have Craig look into that, but my son (who is a mechanic in North Carolina) tells me the light may just be a response to a little thing of which we’re already aware, and may have nothing to do with oxygen sensors.

As you can see, the pergolas are quite lovely, by the way.


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